See how an untouched farmhouse from 1890 still impresses with its vivid interior (watch video)

In Moreland, Georgia, sits a remarkable 1890s farmhouse that has a style that has remained beautiful for over a century. The 6-bedroom 1-bathroom farmhouse boasts an impressive 4,552 square feet, and it's surrounded by 5 and a half acres of gorgeous countryside.
The house is what many would call a "fixer-upper." It hasn't been updated with any the modern amenities that come standard on most newly-built homes. While it may lack contemporary comfort, the home makes up for its deficiencies with ample country charm.
The view of the surrounding landscape is easy to take in from the home's intricately detailed porch.
Stepping inside the home is like stepping into a time machine.
The home's kitchen is contained in this wooden segment that separates it from the rest of a shared living area.
The family rooms contain high ceilings and lots of space. It's easy to imagine thousands of hours of family bonding time that these walls have seen.
The main foyer features a staircase that leads upstairs, as well as several pathways into different rooms of the house.
Although the home makes liberal use of exposed wood for its walls and floors, some rooms are colorful -- like this bright green family room.
Like many other farmhouses of the era, this Georgia home uses long, vertical windows to allow light to flow into the house from the outside.
Even the attic space of the home is rustic. It doesn't just have to be for storage, it'd be great to see this room utilized. The windows give the attic a church-like ambiance.
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