See how 'simple, rustic decor' makes this farmhouse a country classic

One would imagine that if you are a home decor enthusiast and also own your own interiors store that choosing items for your home would be a struggle. Not because of the lack of choice but because making a final decision would be difficult with so many options at your fingertips.'
For the owner of the brick-and-mortar shop, White Flower Farmhouse, and the Instagram account of the same name, maintaining the tenants of simple, rustic decor doesn't appear to be an issue. Her home, with its wood-and-white color scheme, sparse furnishings and touches of greenery exude calm and serenity. In this way her home very much mimics the design of her store, or perhaps it is the other way around. Both feature a multitude of white elements, from bowls to furniture.
Wooden accents and trim ensure that each room retains a level of warmth and texture found in that modern rustic aesthetic. This White Flower Farmhouse is a perfect example of simplistic design.
A set of industrial storage lockers provides closed storage options in the home' mudroom.
Wide plank flooring, treated with a flat stain anchor the kitchen's white cabinetry and lighting.
A wood burning fireplace adds history, and functional heating, to the large kitchen space.
Unadorned furnishings and a neutral textiles allow the room's architecture to take center stage.
The home's farmhouse table was handcrafted using leftover wood from the previous renovation.
A breakfast nook in the kitchen provides a location for a quiet cup of coffee and intimate evening meals.
The bathroom features a much-sought-after clawfoot tub for an at-home spa experience.
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