Let the timeless aesthetics of a 1903 Craftsman win you over - The pristine bathroom really shines through

The western districts of Santa Monica, CA, are the place to go if you like a bit of history with your picture-perfect coastlines. As you stroll along one of its classical neighborhoods you will come to see the lovely craftsman that we are paying homage to today.
Evens Architects were tasked with playing this home's sweet renovation symphony, fine-tuning its old motifs and harmonizing these with 21st-century melodies.
As you're about to see, this craftsman retreat's finished renovation is very much worthy of an encore.
According to the architectural firm, this beach house was built around 1903, when the area it resides in was merely a remote, sand dune filled location.
As time went by, the craftsman's beauty stood still - but it needed to change hands a couple of times before its perpetual allure was given the attention it truly deserved.
Still, this house's timeless aesthetics prevailed, and it only took a few refurbishments to make it good as new.
From the outer porch, you can see that much care was given to this home. Don't you just wish you could curl up with a book outside this dwelling?
The inside is quite enchanting too. According to Evens Architects, white colors and glistening hues were chosen to complement the owners' eclectic tastes in decor.
A closer look at the living room is all you need to understand their vision. Come and sit in the modern chairs and marvel at the interesting wall paintings and pictures all around you.
Don't you just love those lighting fixtures hovering above the dining table? They almost look like tree branches with luminous orbs in full rotation.
The kitchen is where the old-meets-new conventions really shine through. New fittings post-renovation include the kitchen's cabinetry, a butcher-block island and, of course, modern appliances.
The bathroom, located upstairs, sings the same soothing tunes as the rest of this charming beach house.
With its consistent use of brilliant white tones, it's hard not to think of this craftsman as carrying an angelic aura.
To end our tour on a perfect cadence, here is a picture of the master bedroom - which is is one of the six sleeping quarters you will find in this dwelling. Feel free to settle down and let its adjoining seaside views lull you into a peaceful slumber.
Indeed, history should be preserved with love and respect and this craftsman's restoration shows this point brilliantly. The attention to detail that went into this home, after so many years, have certainly hit the right notes.
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