A 3-bedroom bungalow's soothing living area will charm you with its beauty

As you stroll along the streets of San Diego, you will meet some beautiful Craftsman homes. The one we'll be visiting today will be among your favorite findings.
Located in the architecturally rich North Park suburb, this two-story bungalow has recently been sold to a very lucky homeowner. There's nothing stopping us from admiring its grace from afar, though.
Prepare to update your Craftsman wishlist: We're about to get a master class in finesse from this tour.
Yes, this home may be fenced in: but soon we'll be able to see its finest details.
Before we think about entering the house, though, would you mind doing a backyard detour? We'll be quick, promise.
We just couldn't leave this part of the house unmentioned. Especially when you have a private sanctuary like this one, brimming with warmth and comfort.
Now, we get to the classic front porch. Settle into the swinging chair on the left as you watch the local passersby.
Alternatively, come and cozy up inside the delicately designed home.
There's something so soothing about how the furnishings, floors and white walls complement each other in the living area.
An elegant dining space is beaming in our general direction as we make our way toward the kitchen.
Did you notice the harp in the background? Make sure to imagine its serene melodies as we immerse ourselves in the kitchen.
Here, polished cabinetry and counters playfully contrast with a modish lighting fixture.
We're lucky enough to have three bedrooms to cradle us to sleep. This one sings a lullaby with its pristine white furnishings.
The master bedroom enables us to sleep under the stars with skylights and windows aplenty.
As a bonus, French doors take us to an outside deck fit for Craftsman royalty.
The final sleeping sanctuary invites us to revel in its classic composition. Don't you just love the nesting bedside tables?
You probably noticed that the master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom. This is it, in all its shimmering fashion. Access to your necessities will never be an issue with such a practical shelving space nearby.
The second bathroom is just as elegant, mostly appealing to simplicity in its design.
And to finish our tour on a clean sweep, there's a spacious laundry area out back. A generous amount of windows livens up this room to make your daily chores as pleasant as they can be.
When you want to immerse yourself in San Diego's finest bungalows, North Park is the place to visit. With charming Craftsman homes like the one on show, there's plenty to sate your hunger for traditional design conventions.
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