Explore a 3-bedroom 1920s Craftsman with a light-filled dining area

Welcome to Atwater Village, Los Angeles. Not only is this area renowned for winning the acclaimed Best Neighborhood award twice in a row, but it is also where you'll encounter a dreamy 1920s Craftsman home that's bound to pique your interests.
The house in question is a three-bedroom bungalow, offered on Airbnb to families visiting the area. We may not be able to marvel at it in person, but this darling abode is truly worth a visit.
The lovely bungalow sweetly greets you as you enter the front yard.
A splash of red introduces just the right amount of vibrancy to the classic Craftsman exteriors.
A brightly lit living area is greatly enhanced by cozy, modern furnishings. The carpet adds a unique Bohemian dimension to this stylish room.
Nature nurtures this dining room, with polished wood furniture and tribal decor.
The kitchen aptly combines old and new. Along with a vintage stove, this area is nicely adorned with contemporary marble countertops and painted wood cabinetry.
A cheery breakfast nook ensures all guests in this Craftsman are relaxed and replenished.
As you can see, less is more in the kitchen's decor: A small shelf compartment is the select feature embellishing this room.
Delicate blue tiling soothes your spirits as you pay a visit to this home's bathroom.
Now we start venturing into each of the bedrooms. The first is endowed with a youthful charm. An adorable collection of trinkets delights as you absorb this room's artsy character.
Right outside the second bedroom you'll find a treasure trove of ornamental pieces with a hint of the beach.
A double bed with rustic framing and a floral bed skirt adds vintage charm to the second bedroom.
The master bedroom impresses with a contrast between its flamboyant floral wallpaper and serene white bedding.
As we end our Craftsman tour, why don't you sit back and relax in this lovely backyard area? Its antique charm is sure to make you feel right at home.
Don't you just adore this dashing California Craftsman bungalow? Its charm sparkles both inside and out.
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