Tour a humble Tennessee farmhouse and fall in love with its beautiful tile work and antique touches

In a curve of the Cumberland River, just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, sits a land untouched by sprawl or urban density. The Bells Bend community is thriving today in simple ways - by staying closely connected to the agricultural lifestyle that has defined this area since the early 1800s. Through protection efforts by The Land Trust for Tennessee, historical farmland and pastoral fields are kept vibrant and productive for today and for many generations to come.
A charming example is the Whooping Crane farm, offering farmstays in its recently updated farmhouse kept stocked with local food from local farmers who are passionated about the slow food movement. The son of the original farm owners, George B. West, poetically describes this culture, "We've gathered her bounty for centuries on end...Her wildlife runs free in the fields that we tend." Country finds, antiques and modern updates can all be found in his family's farmhouse, especially in this beautiful kitchen remodel.
Almost periwinkle in shade, the painted drawers sing cheerfully against the sleek black countertops. Mediterranean style ceramic tiles add a rich decorative element.
The dining room is resplendent in rich earth tones, grass green walls, a bark brown corner chest and dappled wood flooring.
An antique soup tureen sits waiting for homegrown and homemade vegetable soup. Cozy dinners sitting near the fire is the charm of country living.
A shared fireplace between the dining and living room warms the heart of this farm home. Classic antique touches of gilt picture frames and a crystal chandelier keep pace with a muted rug that fits the length of the room.
A pedestal sink and bead board trim hark back to early twentieth century bathroom style.
Sleeping with sweet country breezes in a brass rail bed promises respite and rejuvenation only found in simple country life.
Fun displays of mosaic styled tiles add a touch of modern class to this powder room.
Remnants from the farm's past, an old wagon wheel rests against the fading stone shed, well protected from the elements with a built-to-withstand-any-storm red steel roof.
A view of the barn, which stands in the middle of this working farm, a testament to life lived in harmony with local sustenance and a thriving agricultural economy.
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