Check out the pristine farmhouse with just the right amount of rustic charm

With a large porch, metal roof, and wood features throughout the interior, this farmhouse is loaded with traditional touches. Thanks to stainless steel appliances, elegant furniture, and trendy paintings, it also has a flair for the modern. Created by Rauser Design, the Springdale Farmhouse is a simple yet sophisticated example of excellent country living.
Wood appointments are a theme throughout the home. Rustic wood furniture decorates nearly every room, while the fine wood flooring runs throughout the kitchen, bedrooms, and living room. Even the upstairs ceiling, which slants upwards towards the center peak, is enhanced by warm wood paneling.
Approaching the home, the first thing you’ll notice is the large porch that covers two whole sides of the farmhouse. This spacious porch has plenty of room for entertainment and relaxation, and the large dining table, which has space for eight, looks like a great place for summer dining.
Immediately inside the home, you’ll be impressed by the classic yet stylish kitchen. The wood flooring and wood table set give the room a warm appeal, while the stainless steel appliances and white cabinets have a refined, contemporary appearance.
The focal point of the kitchen is the classic white stove and oven. The white face and metal knobs make it a unique addition to this already unique home.
The living room in the home once again seamlessly combines classic with modern. The coffee table and flooring look rustic, yet the entire room is highlighted by colorful throw pillows, a clean and elegant rug, and modern white chairs.
Nothing says classic design like a claw foot bathtub. This farmhouse has a unique bathroom that combines cool colors with a vibrant painting to create a balanced design.
The bedroom looks cozy and comfortable. The pristine white walls perfectly complement the wood flooring, while the toned-down bedding leaves the room stately and refined.
While wood is generally seen on flooring, overhead wood panels, like the ones seen in the above image, create the perfect touch to a stunning country home.
What do you think? Could you imagine yourself spending a summer in this simple yet sophisticated farmhouse? Share your thoughts today!
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