Fall in love with the antique touches inside this 1914 Craftsman's living area

Want to immerse yourself in a bit of Californian history? This 1914 Craftsman Bungalow, built by E. Irvin Ham, is a testament to what happens when you love and cherish all the classic details in a home.
The three-bedroom darling is currently up for grabs in the city of Monrovia; dutifully awaiting a new owner who will uphold the same meticulousness in preserving its quintessential charm. Since we're passing through the neighborhood, won't you join us for a quick visit?
Just look at this dwelling - isn't it lovely? Red doors and windows, lined with delicate mauve framing, enrich the exterior's lush wooden finish.
Gotta love a home that comes with its own seal of authenticity.
Along with a signature porch, the house's original Douglas Fir wooden door is still standing the test of time.
Now for the remarkable interiors. It's almost like we're stepping into a different era. The living room celebrates all things antique and refined, reminding us of this home's early 20th-century heritage.
Same goes with the dining area, which shines brightly with a lustrous chandelier and vintage cabinetry all around.
Even the kitchen, which is fitted with contemporary appliances, appeals to the traditional conventions.
Isn't that sweet? A quaint little nursery awaits the newest members of this Craftsman's family.
While the majestic master bedroom invites the grownups to sleep like royalty. Just look at that bed's carved details - breathtaking, aren't they?
Serenity shimmers in the modern bathroom, which is enveloped by exquisite sky-blue tones and stylish modern amenities.
A spare sitting room beckons us to cherish a restful afternoon with a tinge of turquoise luxury.
Before we bid our final adieu, come take a look at this home's private backyard.
With wholesome antiquities inside and out, this California Craftsman is a celebration of more than one hundred years' worth of gracefulness and finesse.
It's wonderful to see just how well-preserved this historic jewel has been in its lifetime. One can only hope that this tradition prevails for many centuries to come.
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