See this seemingly ordinary farmhouse's interior – it's full of style and sophistication

Country style is given a high priority in this large, stunning farmhouse. The property combines all the classic elements of a country home, including a red barn, white house, claw-foot tub, and backyard gardens.
Completed in 2015 by Metzler Home Builders of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this farmhouse is a true delight for the homeowners and all of their guests.
You can’t help but notice the country roots of this classic farmhouse. The large red barn, which dominates the exterior, sets the entire property on a pace of simple country living. Standing in the yard, it’s hard to imagine the 21st-century designs and technology waiting inside.
The interior has a spacious kitchen that uses an island to create versatility and design flow. With a small shelf for cookbooks, an entire side dedicated to stools, and plenty of space for food preparation, the large island has just as much utility as it has style.
The living room has a simple, modern style that doesn’t stray too far from the farmhouse theme. Wood touches, like the center coffee table and the top of the hearth, keep the living room firmly planted in the country.
The bathroom has a classic white tub and a large window that gives a view of the nearby landscape. On the other side of the wall, the opulent walk-in shower is a sure delight.
While the bedroom uses a large dose of neutral grays, the richly stained wood stand against the wall has plenty of style and character.
At the base of the stairs is one of the most ornate features you’ll find in the entire home. This exquisitely-crafted newel, which creates the base of the stairway railing, is a can’t-miss feature.
The living room and study area is perfect for lounging with a good book. It appears the homeowners have plenty of reading to choose from!
Out back, the landscaping is pristine and well-kept. The stone wall creates a visual break and provides a resting place for the tired legs of any green-thumb.
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