Experience true countryside bliss in a farmhouse with a huge, pristine kitchen

This historic Chapel Hill home is a perfect rendition of modern styles and traditional features. With wood flooring throughout the house and elegant furniture in every room, the entire property is a true delight.
Thanks to classic materials, thought-out decor and a few unique elements (such as a chess set, classic fireplace and tile shower), the home separates itself from other farmhouses as a one-of-a-kind delight. There is something for everyone, from the formal dining room to the comfortable living room, making it a location that is well-suited for growing families, retirees or young professionals.
The front porch of the home is spacious and welcoming. With outdoor furniture, including uniquely colorful rocking chairs, the home has a vibrant touch that’s not found on many traditional farmhouse exteriors.
The living room has a classic simplicity that allows it to stay spacious and uncluttered. The choice of a chess set on a side table gives the living room an air of sophistication and intelligence.
The kitchen uses light blues and whites to create a cool yet colorful design. The dark flooring works in perfect contrast to the lighter colors of the cabinetry, countertops and ceiling.
The dining room is elegant and stately. The large window provides a clear view of the outside lawn, while the French doors along the other wall allow you to come and go as you please. Just don’t track mud on the pristine wood floors!
The fireplace and window moldings seen above are original elements of the farmhouse. With impressive leather furniture and tasteful decorations, the home maintains its classic style.
The bathroom is simply stunning. Bright and vibrant, the room holds a large tub for soaking and a walk-in tiled shower for a fast, relaxing rinse.
The white wood molding around the second fireplace gives this room a dash of brightness, breaking up the light-brown walls and richly stained flooring.
What do you think of this home? What’s your favorite feature? Share your thoughts today!
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