Take a peek at this Colorful Texan Farmhouse Renovation

For the love of grandkids, Wendy McDonald and her husband decided that they needed to make a change. That change involved a move to Texas and farmhouse renovation orchestrated by their talented son-in-law. Their new home is a mix of old and new and a beautiful reflection of this family's love for one another. The majority of the pictures on her Instagram account, 'Old McDonald's Wife' feature her grandkids playing and exploring in this rustic charmer of a home. The home's design has been augmented by layers of character and charm with the use shiplap, rustic and reclaimed furniture, antique quilts and supple hardwood flooring.
While Wendy identifies as an introvert, the design and mood of her home is anything but. There are so many unique items in the home that you could get lost just trying to take it all in. Even the bovine portraits appear as if they were specially made for this humble abode.
This country kitchen is a clever mix of new and old with its modern appliances and rustic tin backsplash and reclaimed wood range hood.
The kitchen's impressive island ensures that there is plenty of room for all tasks, from toddler art projects to meal prep and baking.
The feature wall in the dining room is the home's original shiplap left in its natural state.
The cozy living room is bursting with color and texture. The white walls create a serene backdrop for the many unique antiques and colorful elements in the space.
The front door is painted a vibrant green that easily directs new visitors into the home and sets the stage for the color seen within.
The guest bedroom is adorned with more painted shiplap and and an original brick fireplace as well.
Ethereal curtains frame the master bedroom's large window and act as a neutral backdrop for the bed.
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