See how this 1871 farmhouse is full of Americana style

Located in small town Athens, West Virginia, this country home is full of both charm and history to spare! The original structure on this property was constructed in 1871, when it was originally used as a Masonic lodge. Since then, it has seen many updates and restorations that made it the gorgeous home it is today!
With Concord University right next door, this home offers beautiful views of a historic community that was very involved in the Civil War. With its storied history and rich community, this home is truly a one-of-a-kind house!
This farmhouse's back deck is the perfect spot to curl up on a rocking chair with a good book in one hand and a glass of sweet tea in the other. Is there any better way to spend the hot summer months?
This country kitchen is full of nostalgic decor and Americana style! The tin backsplash for the counter and unique style of the oven and stove make this a truly original space.
The formal dining room in this historic farmhouse is spacious and styled in a fun and quirky country style. Mismatched chairs surround a dining room table that matches the rich hardwood floors that are featured throughout the house.
This living room is sure to be the scene of many family gatherings to come! Several windows allow for ample light, while thoughtful decor, such as an antique chest-turned-coffee table, highlights the home's rich history.
This country home is full of nooks and crannies that can be cleverly utilized and styled! This little space next to the staircase is the perfect home for a small table with books and a gorgeous antique chair and rug. What better place to take a seat and remove one's shoes and coat after a long day?
Classic country quilts and antique hardwood furniture give this farmhouse bedroom a timeless style that fits with the home's updated yet traditional aesthetic.
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