See the complete makeover received by this historic farmhouse

Architect and design firm Historical Concepts, based in Altanta, Georgia, took on what looked to be an impossible project. However, through their love of historical homes and creative energy, they have proved that love is all you need to restore life back into a home.
Here's what the old historic farmhouse looked like in the beginning. While the ornate porch designs were still intact, the house definitely was in poor condition. You can see paint chippings and possibly even mold and mildew.
Now take a look at what it is today. The outside is restored to farmhouse white. They even took a bold approach by accenting the front facade with a bright blue.
Here's an angled shot:
What you don't see easily from the pictures far away is the amount of detail and attention that went into every aspect of the home.
Take, for instance, the front entryway. Curtains hang down from the porch and open up on both sides, making any guest or resident feel like they are attending a special event every time they return home.
The carpet in front adds to the warm, inviting feeling you get.
We just can't wait to step inside and walk around!
The entryway is bright and welcoming. You can see country accents from the umbrella holder to the side ledge for plants to the chandelier.
Pops of color add depth to the home. This includes the staircase!
The home perfectly blends modern wood paneling with country, historic charm.
The living room is a grand and inviting place to relax and entertain guests. Details are key to this home: fireplace design, wood panel ceilings, and the sliding door that leads into the kitchen.
Sliding doors also separate other spaces of the home. Creative accents, such as the antlers on the wall or carefully displayed family photos, add a personal touch.
Pillows are stacked in a precise order to create depth and complexity to a space. For example, try juxtaposing solid colored pillows against those with patterns and lines. It will make them "pop" more from the background.
The kitchen features a very large center island - perfect for those who love to cook and entertain. The island is so versatile; it can also be used as a breakfast table in the morning.
The layout makes the kitchen very easily open up into the sitting area right next to it. This creates the sense of more space. Also, there's plenty of windows to let in a lot of natural light.
Even the pantry is well thought-out. Don't you just love that rustic step stool? Perfect vintage flair!
The perfect home isn't complete without an immaculate bathtub.
Now just imagine lying down in this:
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