Cool off in one of these 6 farmhouses that feature a pool

When looking at floor plans, it’s easy to fit a pool into just about any lot. But having a plan that fits a pool specifically into the patio area allows for a more integrated deck space, along with the ability to match a pool area to certain views from the main living area.
The floor plans below show how well a pool can be integrated into an outdoor space, as the patio is planned to wrap around the pool. Also, many of the indoor spaces have direct access to the pool area in these plans. Others have a hot tub worked in and still others work in combination with covered porch spaces.
1. Gabled Farmhouse by Dream Home Source
This home has a pool right off an open patio/sunning area. Right behind that is a covered patio, all great for spending time near the pool. This home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.
2. Yellow Classic Farmhouse by Dream Home Source
This home is interesting in that the whole home is built around the pool area. Bedrooms, a library and a gathering room all surround the pool. As a side note, there’s even room for a home theater off to the right. This home has four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.
3. Cream and Brick Farmhouse by
The pool in this home plan has a nice location: it’s right off a covered porch and sits right outside the kitchen, master bedroom, dining area and family room. This home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.
4. French Country Farmhouse by
The pool in this floor plan is well designed. It’s sits right between two patio spaces, and even has a hot tub. A lanai sits right off the pool. This home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms.
5. Steep Roof Farmhouse with Arches by William H. Phillips
This home has a pool/courtyard area right between two bedrooms. A porch area also has access to the pool, and is great for relaxing at after a swim. This home has four possible bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.
The pool area is well organized in this home plan, as well. It sits between a couple of porch areas and off a veranda. There’s even a spa area off to the right. The family room and master bedroom have direct access to the pool area. This home has five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms.
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