Gorgeously renovated 1985 Queen Anne is like a trip to the past: Look for the antique details

Built in 1895, this Queen Anne-style home known as the Semaski's House was fortunate enough to have been well-preserved over the years. The home, house to Kerry and Jason Semaski and their three children, was recently remodeled, but great care was taken to ensure that the home remained as true to its original state as possible!
The charming Victorian details of the exterior are just as beautiful today as they were more than a century ago. Highlights include the round tower with a witches' hat roof, the gorgeous woodwork on the porch, and the steep, distinctive roofline.
In 4,917 square feet, the house boasts 6 bedrooms and 2 complete bathrooms (plus a half bathroom) full of 19th-century charm.
Despite the owners' desires to keep the home as close to its original state as possible, the kitchen was renovated to increase the size. New cabinets and countertops were installed, as were modern appliances. However, the white cabinets along the wall are original to the home.
Here we have the formal dining room, which is dominated by a large, traditional table. The beautiful crystal chandelier is original to the home, Rikki Snyder explains on her piece for Houzz. The vintage birdcage in the corner is a valuable family heirloom.
Despite the beauty of the chandelier, this magnificent fireplace is the true centerpiece of the dining room. The brickwork is new, but the fireplace was carefully restored with respect for the original design.
This charming sitting room is located just off the dining room, and has been filled with lovely antique furniture, including the grandfather clock, one of the two the Semaskis keep in the house. All in all, it looks like the perfect place to retreat for an after-dinner drink.
Visitors to the home will be delighted by the unexpected touch of colorful stained glass window at the top of the staircase. The windows have been preserved extremely well!
The master bedroom is decorated with pale green and white wallpaper accentuated by solid oak furniture. The bench at the end of the bed gives the room a dash of Old World charm.
In keeping with the light, airy feel of the master bedroom, this sitting area is illuminated by a floor-to-ceiling bay window.
Designed with a young girl in mind, this bedroom is feminine and fun. Sheer, romantic curtains and delicate floral wallpaper give the room a definite Victorian feel.
Outside, this lovely hanging swing can be found on the spacious porch. It looks like the perfect place to sit and enjoy a cold drink on a summer day!
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