Tour a Craftsman home asking to be discovered: The serene bedroom is worth the visit

Charleston, South Carolina is a treasure trove of history. From its landmarks to the classic 1920's dance craze, every bit of the city seems to have a story to tell. It's no surprise, then, that craftsman beauty is very much part of its southerly charm.
Hickory Street, in Ashley Forest, is among the places to visit if you want to experience local history in its brightest colors. While you're there, make sure to pay your dues to the lovely 1930's cottage we will be touring today.
Come along now - this dwelling is just asking to be discovered.
There's nothing cold about the hues in this 1800-square-foot (167.23-square-meter) two-bedroom house. If anything, the light blue tones invite us to experience tranquility at its finest.
As we make our way toward the cobbled steps, we get a glimpse this house's characteristic Craftsman features, like the intricate detailing that went into the teal-colored roof.
You don't usually expect to find a ceiling fan on a porch. Still, we think it adds to this home's elegant adornments - just like that floral garland hanging on the door.
Make your way through one of many archway entrances to fully embrace the bright interiors. Feel free to cozy up to the fireplace as we settle into the living room.
Don't forget to absorb the enticing blend of vintage and modern details all around you.
The couches and side tables shouldn't get all the attention, though. Look at the wall art too - still nature may not be to everyone's tastes but it does liven up this area of the house in its own special way.
Family dinners are never a relic in a lush dining room like this one. In lieu of a liquor cabinet, this home comes with a visually compelling shelving space that is bound to make a night of entertaining a cinch.
Even the doorways in this craftsman have a distinct character of their own.
You'll also notice that traditional table lamps are a constant theme in most rooms that we'll pass through.
At first, the kitchen may seem simplistic by design. But every nook and cranny in this area play a crucial role in establishing its solid composition.
From the whiteware appliances harmonizing with surrounding cupboards.
To a fold-out table and decorative trinkets that add a dash of flavor to this sweet culinary symphony.
The downstairs bedroom makes you feel like you've walked into a dreamy, fairy tale world. Don't make yourself the next Sleeping Beauty, though: we've still got the upstairs to look forward to.
Before we get to that, though, come and take a quick look at the downstairs bathroom. Artsy without being too extravagant, you'll find this cozy lavatory right by the bedroom.
Almost there. Just need to swivel past this stylish chandelier.
The soothing blues make a comeback in the second bathroom. Don't be fooled by the size of the sink and vanity: there's more to this room than meets the eye.
Indeed, this bathroom is much more spacious than its downstairs companion - but such are the perks of being the 'master' of the house.
Speaking of which, we have reached the luxurious upstairs bedroom. This one is a bit more modern by comparison but still brings us classical pieces to marvel at the end of a long day.
Charleston is the place to immerse yourself in history, and this Craftsman is one of its shining stars. Soothing vibes and classical features are among the many reasons why this is such a graceful home.
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