Stroll into a 1780s farmhouse that matches tradition with comfort

Imagine seven generations of farmhouse owners, all enjoying the beauty of a pastoral life since the 1780s. While improvements have been made throughout the years, timeless elements can be found in this two-century-old farmhouse, from the preserved old pantry that blends seamlessly with the modern kitchen to original beams that are now exposed to bring height and openness to rooms where family members love to gather.
Preservation and harmonious living have always been the driving forces keeping this farmhouse sturdy and well cared for. While this home is now for sale, the current family's greatest hope is "that the new owner will enjoy the tradition of love and joy within 'The Old Homestead's' halls." 
No tradition is as joyful as a family that cooks and eats together. The kitchen, with its ample cabinetry (both old and new) has a generous granite-topped island with a farmhouse sink overlooking the long country table in the large eating area.
Ceilings soar above the original beams and are paneled with soft knotty pine.
With six mason jar pendants, the kitchen is subtly lit with vintage flair.
To the right, an eighteenth-century framed entrance still stands, opening into the side pantry.
With relics from the distant past, this pantry artfully combines old pieces with fresh paint, polished hardware and restored surfaces. Several antique cooking implements hang on pegs, in a nod to their usefulness when cooks worked without the convenience of electric appliances.
In soft shades of butter and pearl, the entryway is welcomingly elegant without pretension.
An old door is reimagined into a sliding separation that closes off noises creeping up the back stairs from the hallway leading into the kitchen.
Windows in a central hall open onto the enclosed back porch. Note the colonial-style room divider; its extra width suggests a sturdy home that will last for another century.
In the formal dining room, the old-fashioned choice of buttercup yellow for the side rails perfectly picks up on the soft gold yellow tints on the glass shades of the antique chandelier.
Angled windows with multipaned double glass pull in light and views from all angles of the farm. Rich detailing trims the doors and lower windows.
A simple, calico vine wallpaper lines this peaceful bedroom. Wide-planked honey floors are graced with a simple cloth rug.
Though modern in function and size, the remodeled shower has a pebbled bottom, just like the feel of a creek bottom.
Morning glory vines climb a farmer's old-time weather vane, juxtaposed between two period farm outbuildings, charming in their weather-worn appeal. An path aged by countless feet over the years leads into a quiet country grove.
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