See this Craftsman's enchanting master bedroom, but don't forget the basement: It's like no other

A bit of care is all one needs to preserve a cottage's enchanting demeanor. Such is the case of this refurbished 1916 Craftsman from West Seattle, which has been diligently loved by its owners over the years.
In present times, this home is eagerly anticipating a new dweller who will stay true to this long-held tradition. While this idyllic home bides its time, we are going to pay it a visit.
Would you like to come along? 
A charming front entrance invites us to venture into a two-story home that looks like a real-life dollhouse. Along with a primped front garden, this Craftsman is endowed with a spacious backyard area as well.
Floral arrangements brighten up our visit as we approach this home's classic Craftsman door.
Hardwood flooring, double-paned windows and a generous amount of interior lighting add a sparkle to the elegant interiors.
For your comfort, there are two living areas in this house. Both enjoy a generous amount of artistic elements and stylish furnishings.
A dashing kitchen envelops us with ample cabinetry and modern appliances.
Not too far ahead, the dining table makes a special appearance. As you can see, this entire area is well-adorned with exquisite lighting fixtures.
Have you noticed that green is the color of choice throughout this Craftsman? You will find it on the walls and curtains of a baby's soothing sleeping space.
It also dominates the decor of one of this house's luxurious bedrooms.
It even makes a cameo inside one of the three bathrooms.
But not every room embraces the greenery. This bedroom prefers to sweeten up our slumber with creamy tones and a dash of cooler hues found in its pillows and quilting.
The smallest bath area is more predisposed to nautical motifs.
And the final bathroom in this home invokes a knotty pine design.
But it doesn't stop there: The basement area is quite distinct from the rest. As you can see, the stone walls provide a compelling contrast to this room's modern workstation.
The couches and widescreen TV transform this room into the ideal subterranean hideout.
With so many interesting elements on show, it is no wonder that this house is brimming with splendor. The love and care this refurbished Craftsman has received in its lifetime continues to radiate from end to end.
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