Enter an historic 1910 craftsman with lush, newly-renovated bathrooms

Today, we are bringing you a National Historic treasure.
Located in Santa Ana, California, this 1910 craftsman is one with a story to tell. Known as the Remsberg House, the 'prairie school' style bungalow was once owned by Charity Remsberg - who just happened to be President Warren G. Harding's sister.
The home's prestigious background earned it a spot in both the National and the local Santa Ana historic registries. Of course, this wouldn't have been possible without the proper care it received - this home's renovations made sure that it continues to amaze all spectators in the present and future.
On that note, we begin our tour of this charming four-bedroom residence. As you can see, the Remsberg House's architecture has been meticulously preserved in its lifetime.
Along with a lovely porch, this bungalow comprises a large backyard area. A delicate mix of light greens and whites along the exteriors accentuate the beautifully crafted entrance door.
Every single detail in the living room is polished and refined. The cozy fireplace is nicely adorned with vintage pieces of decor.
An intimate small table with chairs embellishes the far corner of the living room. Whether intentional or not, we like the fact that the cushions neatly match the nearby wall hangings.
The dining room's alluring aesthetics are heightened by its classic lighting fixtures and distinct artistic touches.
The kitchen is one of the areas where contemporary design dominates. Newly-fitted stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops highlight the modernity of this room.
In saying that, the kitchen also comprises a graceful glass table and a china cabinet. So not all tradition is lost.
The bathrooms received a full face-lift too. This one has been fitted with an elegant granite vanity and glamorous bathroom curtains.
Another sparkles with marble fittings and candlelight adornments.
Every single one of the bedrooms brings us something special. This one beckons us to revel in its reinvigorating red hues.
While another appeals to a dreamy sense of serenity.
The third invites us to curl up and admire the antiquities within.
And the last humbles us with minimalist, but lush, details.
If you ever feel like escaping into your own private spot, this modern spare room on the loft will do the trick. Leopard print chairs add a bit of character to our surroundings.
Also tucked away upstairs is a cozy little office space filled with joyful renditions.
Another hideout is nestled in the basement. Rustic elements dominate this subterranean getaway - a remarkable contrast compared to every other area we have visited.
The Remsberg House's distinct doors, windows, and wooden flooring remind us of its past. Modern fittings in each and every corner bring its classic charm to present. Overall, the harmonious combination of these two worlds is what makes this historic jewel shine.
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