See how antique adornments enrich this 1900 Craftsman's dining room

Antiquities, DIY, and a splash of glitz and glamour. Those are the ingredients found in Lindsay Aratari's 1900 Craftsman home.
With an unwavering affinity for all things related to interior design, the blogger is always delighting her avid followers with the beautiful relics embellishing her classic abode.
Need a bit of Craftsman inspiration as well? Then come take a peek at the enchanting Aratari home.
Stunning, isn't it? This Craftsman's exteriors remind us of a rare sapphire worthy of treasuring.
Obviously, a design-savvy blogger will know how to add the right seasonal touches to all areas of her home. Embrace the fall season, while it lasts!
Needless to say, the porch is beautifully composed all year round. Rocking chairs invite the Craftsman's visitors to unwind in this picture-perfect neighborhood.
If this is the living room before renovations, can you imagine what it will look after the work has been completed?
We probably don't need to tell you that this Craftsman's interiors celebrate all things vintage. A rustic coffee table nicely contrasts with the lush furnishings surrounding it.
No Craftsman is complete without its staple fireplace. This one has been given a tinge of autumnal cheer with appropriately-themed mantelpiece hangings.
No wonder this room is among Lindsay's favorites. Look at all those lovely details - from the elegant lights to the quirky wall hangings that adorn this wholesome room.
This shelf, fitted in the dining room, reminds us of simpler times.
It's a shame this is the only view we have of the kitchen. That said, its flavorsome red walls and the minuscule potted plants are definitely something to savor.
Similar thing with the bathroom. Interesting to note that the flooring patterns that precede it are the same ones we find in the kitchen. But don't simply focus your attention on the ground: the little lamps surrounding us are there to be admired!
How's that for hospitality? Such a chic guest bedroom makes us feel like we've stepped into a Bed and Breakfast by the countryside. Those lavender plants simply add to the wholesome motif.
As for the master bedroom? It has been tailored and preened to appease the Aratari duo and elate all artistically-inclined souls passing through.
Home is always sweeter when you add your own personal touches. Given how much dedication Lindsay has put into her Craftsman's antique adornments, we're sure this dwelling will be given all the pampering it deserves for many years to come.

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