Step inside a 1906 Carriage house filled with outstanding original woodwork

Dating back to 1906, this gorgeous home listed on Redfin is a dream come true for anyone interested in older homes. The house has recently been restored, but it remains an important landmark in its Minneapolis neighborhood.
The exterior of the home features an imposing front porch, plenty of windows and a wide dormer on the top. The house includes 10 fireplaces, which are serviced by the two chimneys on either side of the roof.
With ornate doors, coffered ceilings and posts between this room and the next, the entryway has more than its fair share of the woodwork that makes this home so special.
This stately living room is found just off the entryway, and it boasts a large marble fireplace and tall windows along the back wall. Several wall sconces and a chandelier keep the room illuminated when the natural light coming in through the windows isn't enough.
The second living room is quite different from the first, with the walls and the beams of the coffered ceiling painted a unique shade of green. The design above the fireplace mantel is just gorgeous!
In addition to plenty of counter and cupboard space, the cozy kitchen includes a large island with built-in shelves on the end. We love the cheery yellow walls and the paned windows above the sink.
The second floor of the home is accessed by this staircase, which is a work of art in and of itself. Beautiful wainscoting runs along the entire length of the staircase and the upstairs railing, and the lamp on top of the post on the landing is a particularly nice touch.​
The library boasts an impressive number of floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves, all of which remain unpainted.
Here we have one of the home's four bedrooms, which is decorated in a soothing neutral color scheme. Don't miss the beautiful woodwork above the windows and on the mantel of the marble fireplace!​
This elegant bathroom features unpainted woodwork, a large stand-up shower and several wall sconces reminiscent of days gone by. It's the perfect blend of old and new!
Behind the home sits this gorgeous terraced yard, which manages to feel private without being too closed off from the surrounding area.
The beauty of the yard can also be enjoyed from this lovely sunroom, which boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and an elegant chandelier. The neutral color scheme ensures the lush greenery outside gets the attention it deserves!
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