Tour Texas Hill farmhouse

There are times in life when an unexpected opportunity arises that can't be ignored. For the Phillips' family of the Instagram account, Texas Hill Country Farmhouse, they discovered their dream farmhouse just 7 miles from their suburban ranch home. And while 7 miles doesn't seem worthy of a move, the draw of the rustic country life and space to roam won over this family of five.
The architectural style of a Texas Hill Country home is regionally based and rooted in rustic simplicity. When settlers first came to the area they used their knowledge of stonework and carpentry, as well as, local materials to construct their homes. The availability of resources and limited wealth also contributed to the nature of the home's design.
When the Phillips' bought this two-storey farmhouse it was dated, dark and in need of some freshening up. The original kitchen was roomy and the cabinetry provided plenty of storage space so they chose a less invasive renovation route. A couple coats of paint, new flooring, countertops and backsplash completely updated the space making it feel light and airy. In contrast, the bathrooms were gutted and replaced with spacious showers tiled with a wood-look tile. The end result is a modern and welcoming and an excellent example of how to get the most out of your pocket book.
Contrasting wood flooring adds depth and a variation of color in this light and airy country kitchen.
Across from the kitchen is the dining room where an heirloom table fills out the space nicely while providing easy seating for ten.
The family room features a white limestone fireplace that burns real wood for those chilly Texas evenings.
This masculine space is designed specifically for the men in the family as a place to hang out and watch the game.
Warm, wood-look tile creates that cozy, log cabin feel in the newly-renovated master bathroom.
A combination of gray, wood-look tile and mosaic tile surrounds the walls of the shower in the boy's bathroom.
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