Look over the countryside from a farmhouse with an absolute dream of a kitchen

Not all farmhouses are surrounded by corn, beans and wheat. Some, like this classic Vermont farmhouse from Joan Heaton Architects, are surrounded by trees. While the home combines specific elements of both a farmhouse and a cabin, it also has some excellent modern features.
One of the main themes, however, is wood. From the flooring to the ceiling, wood is a dominant feature on every level of the home. And as you’ll see when you tour the house, the designers worked wonders with this natural material!
The expansive deck at the back of this farmhouse is a wonderfully charming feature. It has plenty of space for outdoor parties, simple relaxation or even a meal enjoyed in the fresh Vermont air.
At the base of the deck, you’ll find an interesting rock landscaping that provides a charming and rustic elegance.
The entryway to the home sets the tempo for farmhouse style. The pitchfork in particular perfectly decorates the interior.
The living room of the farmhouse is dominated by natural wood and brick. The large brick hearth is a wonderful feature, but it has competition for attention, particularly from the wood ceiling.
Wood is the mainstay of the kitchen as well. This home uses a wide variety of woods from top to bottom. In fact, other than the appliances and the countertops, nearly every square inch of the kitchen is wood.
This child's bedroom is simple and quaint. With teddy bears, books, a toy bike and dolls, this seems like a great place for children to play, learn and rest.
Upstairs, the bedrooms are just as charming and elegant as the entire house. The wood floors in particular maintain the home’s country roots.
The dining room is comfortable and informal, the perfect addition to a welcoming farmhouse. The bookshelf also adds a sense of character and depth to the area.
The bathroom uses a wall-mounted faucet, bowl sink and dresser-like base to provide a unique decorative style.
Outside the home, the front door is well-framed by the exterior porch, which flows perfectly into the stone walkway.
What do you think of this farmhouse? Do you love the rich wood decor and the large wraparound porch and deck? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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