Get true country feels when you step inside this shabby chic farmhouse

The owner of this fabulous farmhouse, Tracey Hiebert, has a memorable tagline on her Instagram account. It reads: "Tracey Hiebert. Believer, Wife, Mom, Grandma, Crazy Cat Lady."
Yes, that about sums it up and the proof is in her (oxymoron alert) extravagantly casual farmhouse that is decorated to top to bottom with countrified swank (perhaps another oxymoron).
How to describe this? This is obviously a well thought out decoration scheme the end result of which is a hodgepodge of country funk that all adds up beautifully to a house that is fun, cozy, heavenly and very country.
So, let's take a look. We're invited in:
This home is stunning in the summertime, but here's an alternate look. Frankly, some houses were built to wear a mantle of snow. This one wears the snow like an ermine collar.
Here's a glance at the porch during warmer weather. The pumpkins and the white aster tell you what season it is.
A different porch. This one must be a busier entrance way if the number of shoes is any indication.
On Instagram Hiebert says this is her favorite faux fireplace.
How much do you love your kitchen? This much is the answer, throwing arms wide open. Yes, it isn't a true farmhouse without a kitchen so large you could hold a party in it. (And, frequently, that's what happens.)
Yes, this is the Crazy Cat Lady's house.
It's the great height of that pitcher that makes it so wonderful. You know those are long stemmed roses in a pitcher like that.
It's really an orange cat, but it looks pink in this picture. If you own a pink cat, that really says a lot about your lifestyle.
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