Come visit a French country farmhouse named Home On Fern Hill

In this beautiful home on Fern Hill, there are several elements that always work well together, such as pillows and bedding, grey tones with soft blush, and a Labrador on a plush blanket. These details blend harmoniously to create this exquisite French country farmhouse.
Pamela has designed her home by following her heart and arranging items in ways that inspire her. She uses a soft grey background as her canvas and then adds different colors and textures. Her Labrador, Piper, is the perfect accessory to every room.
This is the same bedroom but it looks completely different because Pamela made several key changes. The most significant change is that the floor is now a striking hardwood called French Vintage Oak. However, most of the alterations to this room are very simple. The chair and accent pillows in the corner have gone from a farmhouse check print to a dark grey rosette pattern. A new soft throw on the bed transforms the room but still complements the decorative wall. The design on the wall is not wallpaper but is a stencil called Large Fabric Damask. Piper knows that bedding can be plush and soft no matter what color it is.
The powder room continues the grey palette from the rest of the house. The white sink and wall decor provide just the right contrast with the wall color. Pamela says that blush is her favorite color, so she has included light pink blooms in a vase and on the pale green stool. This stool serves two purposes: it adds another subtle pop of color and it's the perfect spot to store extra hand towels.
There are several accent pieces in Pamela's favorite color in the living room as well. Light pink flowers are in the artwork over the fireplace mantel. On the couch, there is a blush pillow with a pom-pom border and a grey pillow with a subtle pink heart. Delicate roses peek out of a sturdy planter across the room. Pamela made the window blinds out of bamboo place mats, and they add a rustic detail to the room.
This room has a real French country feeling, and the secret is chalk paint. The coffee table and two chairs are all treasures that Pamela discovered at Goodwill. The two chairs only cost around $28. Pamela chalk painted not only the table and the legs of the chairs, but also the fabric on the chairs as well. The original fabric was light blue with mauve flowers. It was so unattractive, Pamela said she had nothing to lose by trying to paint it. It turns out that chalk paint plus some ingenuity equals a charming sitting room. It's easy to see that Piper approves of the result.
In the kitchen, dark grey cabinetry contrasts beautifully with the white subway tile back splash. The grey bar stools carry the same color theme but contribute a different texture to the room. The pendant light fixtures have an old-world charm and blend nicely with the farmhouse style.
This round pedestal table is an ideal backdrop for the decorative pieces on top, all of which are reminiscent of a morning spent on a farm. The metal container is filled with white hydrangeas that you might have picked as you returned from the barn with the cold milk that now fills the white porcelain pitchers. A delicate chandelier adds a gracious effect to the entire dining area. he pom-pom throw blanket is a fun addition to the room.
A day on a farm can be busy, so it's refreshing to know that this modern farmhouse coffee station is nearby. The wooden planter caddy adds natural texture and is a unique way to store coffee supplies. The Rae Dunn mug is a whimsical element. Even the white and grey Keurig is designed to complement the color scheme of the home. The sage green cow creamer adds a little "splash" of color to the neutral tones and contributes to the farmhouse theme.
The front door is painted in a lovely color by Benjamin Moore called Sea Pine. The yellow flowers in the wreath and the planters add a sparkle of sunlight. Piper always enjoys having friends over, and it looks like she is ready to welcome another neighbor who has decided to come visit her French country farmhouse on Fern Hill.

The Jones' family bought the home in 2015 and immediately started the process of restoration and renewal.
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