Peek inside this home filled with everything country French

When she was a little girl, Anita Joyce dreamed of becoming an artist when she grew up. She temporarily set aside her dream, though, and became an engineer instead. After her friends introduced her to the world of blogging, she realized there were people who, just like her, were into interior decorating and personally making things for their homes.
She found her way back to her first love for the arts. Her work began getting recognition and magazines hired her. She eventually wrote her own book, “French Accents, Farmhouse French Style for Today’s Home.”
Her love for all things French is evident in her home in Houston. She shares this abode with her husband, their two daughters and their collie, Mollie. On her Instagram account and website Cedar Hill Farmhouse, Joyce shows how she mixes and matches items to create a warm and inviting space. Metal-accented pieces, distressed woodwork and decorative chandeliers, all typical elements of country French style, can be seen in the rooms of her home.
This living room is filled with an assortment of items and yet does not look
cluttered. The neutral hues of the pieces tie them all together. Anita
made all the slipcovers for the chairs from oatmeal-colored linen. The two
identical cabinets standing on either side of the fireplace, which was
custom-made by Anita’s carpenter, contain decorative items
and collectibles. Order and balance are further achieved with the pair of
chairs on either side of the table behind the coach.
The stylish monogram on the French fireplace screen adds character to the stunning antique find. The brown wooden doors cleverly conceal the TV hanging on the wall above the mantle, and white ceramic vessels hold fresh greenery that injects a soft organic texture into the stark setting.
A simple rectangular wood table serves as the main piece in this dining area. A pair of tall silver candlestick holders and a small blue patterned vase with a bunch of pink roses sit on the violet-lined table runner. The sideboard against the wall holds decorative glass jars, a pair of tall table lamps and vases with deep purple cut flowers. The simple chandelier is reflected in the mirror.
The island in the middle of the kitchen, which stands 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, becomes a gathering place as the family prepares meals. The white cabinets, as well as the white tiled backsplash, give a pristine look to the room. They also match perfectly with the white legs of the long island. The gray upholstered chairs with round backs line up in a row. The chandelier lights from Restoration Hardware offer a nice touch of elegance.
A floor to ceiling bookshelf filled with books and decorative items occupy one wall of the study. The blue upholstered swivel chair is a stark contrast to the dark brown study desk. A blue patterned rug from Ballard Designs adds another interesting detail to the room. Two French chairs, one with a draped chartreuse throw and the other with a white pillow with a blue design, sit by the corner window where an indoor potted plant catches the sunlight.
This old iron bed covered with a simple white bedspread is accented with a quilt blanket and matching pillow cover from Laura Ashley USA. The room also features two matching side tables with matching lamps. A small mirror hanging on the wall on top of the bed adds a decorative element. A straw basket for extra linen is placed conveniently at the foot of the bed.
The toile bedspread, which Anita made, takes center stage in this bedroom of one of her daughters. A pillow covered in the same printed fabric as the bedspread is nestled against other pillows dressed in plain white pillowcases. The dainty bed frames add to the girly look while the shutter screen behind the headboard adds another texture to the composition.
The ruffled pillowcases and bedcover lend a French romantic look to this master bedroom. The subtle colors of blue pinstripe on the pillows work well with the subdued light of the bedroom. The ornate lighting fixtures on the wall on both sides of the bed add drama to the room, while the bedside lamps on the 10-year-old nightstands are both pretty and practical.
Who says you can’t transform your bathroom into a personal spa? Prepare jars of your favorite scented soaps and bath salt, a wire basket full of fresh rolled white towels within arm’s reach, a vase of sweet-smelling roses for good measure. The centerpiece is a clean white oval tub deep enough to soak to your heart’s content.

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