This new white farmhouse is filled with historic charm

What do you do when you're obsessed with old homes, white shiplap walls and blue porch ceilings? You build the white farmhouse of your dreams, of course. Ally and Ryan did just that in creating their farmhouse in Georgia. In fact, Ryan built this beautiful home himself with a ton of inspiration from Ally.
The home is new but could be mistaken for a historic home that's been renovated. It has character, charm and plenty of fluffy footstools. See how it all began.
Believe it or not, this is the before picture – all that was left of a 100-year old farmhouse on the property. It was unfortunately torn down at some point, but the original chimney remained. IThe couple felt drawn to this piece of land, thanks to the historic chimney, which inspired Ally to incorporate it into their new home.
If you've ever been on the front porch of a farmhouse in the South, you might have noticed the ceiling is painted blue. This is a tradition that has existed for generations. There is a story that says painting a porch ceiling blue will scare off the "haints," or restless spirits. There is absolutely no reason to doubt this legend, especially when the result is such a beautiful porch. The haints may leave if they wish, but others would like to stay and admire the lantern lights, exposed rafters and shiplap walls.
The charming pink wreath on the door brings out the cheerful pink of the flamingos on the pillows. The Adirondack chairs are a nice complement to the white walls and dark gray flooring.
Once inside, the 7- 1/2-inch-wide European oak flooring sets a stylish yet casual tone. The delicate chandelier and the rustic shiplap walls make everything feel farmhouse chic. And speaking of chic, the white tufted chair under the window serves as a reminder that Ally loves to soften a space with fluffy decor.
Visitors to the main living space immediately notice the beautiful oversized mirror with the herringbone design on its border. Instead of choosing vaulted ceilings, the couple designed this room with 10-foot ceilings. This look is consistent with the feeling of a old farmhouse and it works beautifully.
If the fireplace looks familiar, it's because the bricks were salvaged from the original chimney the couple found on the property. Ryan spent several days removing the old mortar so it could be installed properly, and what an amazing result! This beautiful fireplace is a focal point, and it represents the couple's vision to honor the past, blending the old with the new.
The kitchen is a clean, white palette that showcases pops of color from the pale pink barstools. Ryan designed and built the gorgeous hood over the range, creating it from the home's metal roof panels.
One of the prettiest spots in the house, the dining room features a farmhouse table with a handsome rug beneath. The stripes on the rug mimic the design of the shiplap walls, and natural sunlight streams through the multiple windows.
This exquisite master bedroom features a custom ceiling made of whitewashed pallet wood. Ryan prepared and hung each plank separately, and the stunning effect is more than worth the effort. The barn door, also a custom design, adds to the rustic details that contrast beautifully with the delicate chandelier and plush furnishings.
One of the highlights of the master bathroom is this gorgeous claw-foot tub set atop the tile floor. The room is lit by natural sunlight and by the sparkling chandelier overhead (scroll through the images to see it). The only way to finish off such luxury is to relax on the furry footstool while drying off.
The black and white hexagonal tile on the floor of this bathroom is a nostalgic style, and it's an ideal backdrop for a fluffy pink stool.
In the backyard, guests find a sparkling pool where they can relax, enjoy the sunshine and admire the exterior of this beautiful white farmhouse.
Ally's love for old farmhouses, blue porch ceilings and shiplap walls is what inspired this beautiful white farmhouse that Ryan built. Set against the 100-year old brick of the fireplace and relaxing under a fluffy comforter, this portrait of their family is the essence of being at home.

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