Walk into this 1759 Farmhouse and peek at its gorgeous guest house

There's nothing more beautiful than New England in the fall. This home offers amazing pastoral views of fall foliage each year! Located in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Norfolk, Connecticut, the Isaac Holt House is a beautiful country home rife with historical character! This property boasts not only a main farmhouse and a guest cottage, but also 18 acres of pastoral land that is part of the Doolittle Woods and Lake Association!
This country home comes with a great story: the original structure of the home was built in 1759 by Captain Isaac Holt and his wife, Mercy, who are thought to be the first settlers of Doolittle Woods. Then, when the Colonial Wing was added to the house in 1832, a secret hiding place was included in the construction- rumor has it that the home was part of the Underground Railroad!
A sunroom with an entire wall of windows creates a warm and inviting space to sit back and relax. A small table even offers the ability to sit and eat breakfast in this light-filled little nook!
The rustic stone floor in this sunroom adds extra country charm to the cozy enclosed space. And the view is simply spectacular!
This farmhouse has seen plenty of updates and improvements in recent years, resulting in a country kitchen with all the latest appliances and conveniences. However, modern technology is balanced out by country charm, as can be seen by the classic wall sconces that illuminate the room. 
The formal dining room in the Isaac Holt House is spacious and perfect for entertaining. Hardwood floors and antique hardwood furniture add rustic charm to this space, making it a spot that is sure to see many family dinners in the future. 
The oh-so-comfortable living room in this historic farmhouse features unique woodwork and molding, as well as a brick fireplace that will be the centerpiece of every fun get-together! Can't you just imagine sipping a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace on a cold New England night?
One of the best things about old, historic farmhouses is all the sweet little nooks and crannies they offer! This home has a fantastic little space that makes the perfect little library and office space. 
Rustic wicker furniture like this bed adds country elegance to the rooms in this farmhouse. The light and breezy style of this room is furthered by whimsical accents like an antique mirror and hardwood seats and side tables. 
The back patio of the Isaac Holt House offers views of the countryside like no other! An immaculately manicured back lawn gives way to lush woods and protected lands, so you'll be sure to enjoy quiet, peaceful moments while taking in the sunshine.
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