Check out these 7 dream country look floor plans

Farmhouses, by their very nature, have a bucolic country look. But some veer into the territory of embracing other design styles, like craftsman or Victorian. Sometimes you might just want a farmhouse that looks so country you can’t help but want to plop it down in the middle of a farm somewhere.
The homes below were chosen for elements that represent the country aesthetic. Barn red is a common theme, along with exposed rafters, quaint gables, wide country porches and other country elements. So if you like farmhouses that look like they were absolutely made for the country, look no further.
1. Classic Red and White Farmhouse by
This farmhouse features classic white siding with barn red shutters, a common and classic color scheme for a country home. The wraparound country porch adds to the farmhouse look. The steep roof and gables add to the classic country look, as well. This home has four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.
2. Rustic Red Farmhouse by
This home just screams country rustic with its exposed rafters. The red siding gives it somewhat of a barn look. The railed porch gives it a further country feel. This home has four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.
3. Red Gable Farmhouse by FreeGreen
Here’s another home that makes good use of a barn red look. It’s complemented well by white paint and a grey roof. The two gables add a further classic look, and the wide porch that spans the front of the home gives it that classic farmhouse look. This home has three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.
4. Classic Brown Farmhouse by Donald A. Gardner Architects
This farmhouse has all the classic country looks, from arched windows set into gables to the wide porch to the contrasting shutters. An arched entryway leading to the front door gives it a classic look, as well. The warm, yet neutral, color scheme also makes it look quaint, homey and classy. This home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.
5. Modern Barn Farmhouse by RSDC Architecture
This home is interesting for its tower addition that makes it look like the home has a silo. What could be more country than that? A reddish exterior adds to the barn look. This home does take some inspiration from a modern style, with the sleek roof and brick exterior. But the silo look is what wins it for the country aesthetic. This home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms.
6. Bucolic Yellow Farmhouse by Donald A. Gardner Architects
Nothing says cozy country home like a light yellow exterior. The green window shutters and red door are nice accents. The wide front porch really gives it that country farmhouse feel. A notable feature of this home is the screened porch tucked right into the deck space at the back of the house. This home has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.
7. Barn Farmhouse by Dream Home Source
This home is so country that it’s barn red and has a weathervane at the top of it. White accents create visual depth, and the arches on the porch give it a classic feel. This home has four bedrooms and three and a half baths.
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