Take some inspiration from this DIY farmhouse renovation in Tennessee

A change of pace, especially one involving moving to a new home, is not always easy but is often necessary. Growing children require room to grow that is not easily found on busy, suburban streets and postage stamp-sized yards. For Jen, of the Instagram account and blog names, 'Noting Grace', this was the motivation for move from Las Vegas to a rural area 45 minutes outside of Nashville, Tennessee. They traded in their 3000+ square foot home in Sin City for an "almost farmhouse" on an acre of land. While they don't have any of those popular farm animals roaming around their home yet, they have slowly been working at transforming their dark and dated 1980's home into an updated, modern farmhouse.
When they purchased the home it still had much of its original design intact. This included peach doors and trim, pink carpet and dark oak cabinetry. Armed with an eye for DIY, a neutral color palette and some flea market finds, Jen converted her home into a modern farmhouse. One of the most impressive projects is the kitchen's $5000 renovation.
To keep costs low they painted the existing cabinets and raised the uppers to allow appliances to be stored beneath. A wainscotting backsplash and bargain granite ensured that the budget remain within its allotted amount. The end result is a space that is sure to impressive and inspire followers and friends alike.
A space at the bottom of the stairs allows Jen to display some of her favorite flea market treasures.
A cool color palette and new hardwood floors make the living room bright and welcoming.
A small section of the kitchen is transformed by the installation of wood shelving and the placement of culinary antiques.
The rustic kitchen is illuminated by a trio of mason jar lights set into a wood box.
A collection of black and white decor accents the dining room's classic wood hutch.
The oval dining allows seating for 6 and its curved edges allow guests to move easily around it.
A dramatic black bedframe is the focal point for the master bedroom.
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