7 farmhouses that could double as beach homes

Farmhouses tend to look great out in the country, but there’s no reason why that country scene can’t include the seaside. Many farmhouse designs borrow from the seaside aesthetic. They keep the wide porch and steep roof of the traditional farmhouse, and then the square footage is usually reduced to function as a vacation home.
Other common beachside farmhouse elements include living space on the second floor in case of flooding, ocean blue color schemes and raised porches. The floor plans below are perfect if you love everything about the beach, but still want a more elegant and traditional feel to your beachside home.
1. Bright Beach Farmhouse by Allison Ramsey Architects, Inc.
While the photo doesn’t show the home next to a beach, it’s suited for a narrow lot, like you’d find along a beach. The wide wraparound porch keeps the country look alive, and the light white and yellowish siding gives it a bright seaside aesthetic.
2. Blue and White Farmhouse by Allison Ramsey Architects, Inc.
This home still has that wide porch around the back in the photo. The blue and white exterior color scheme makes it a natural for seaside options. It’s listed as “suited for view lot,” meaning it’s designed for taking in natural scenes like the seaside. Sitting at just 1,035 square feet (96.15 square meters), it’s a natural for smaller seaside lots, as well.
3. White Seaside Farmhouse by houseplans.com
This quintessential waterside home was made for the beach. It has the classic raised design, where the main living area is essentially on the second story to prevent flooding losses during a large storm. The steep roof and porch space keeps with the farmhouse look.
4. Double Staircase Farmhouse by houseplans.com
As the picture shows, this home was made for sitting on a sandy beachside. Two staircases lead up to a second-story porch and main living area. The porch wraps all the way around the home, making it perfect for getting in seaside views.
5. Raised Porch Farmhouse by Designer HOME
As the photo shows, this home goes well along waterways. The raised full-length porch works against flooding. The sea green exterior goes well with the water theme. An interesting feature of this home is that most of the second floor is open to the great room, with just a loft bedroom on the second floor, to make this space feel open.
6. Water Property Peach Farmhouse by eplans.com
The raised porch area and overall design of this home make it perfect for properties that slant down towards waterways. The covered porch at the back is perfect for enjoying these beach scenes.
7. Beach Home Farmhouse be eplans.com
This home looks everything like the traditional small and contained beach home. Yet the full-length porch and steep roof at the back give it a little farmhouse touch. Sitting at just 480 square feet (44.59 square meters), it’s perfect for small beach lots. Even with that space, it still makes room for two bedrooms and one bathroom.
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