Imagine your country dream home with 6 farmhouse floor plans with ample space

In-law suites can be a bit of a nebulous concept. For some people, they mean a space in the main house that can have its own exit. For others, it’s sticking extended family members way off in a separate building that’s a little like having a rented apartment on your property, though if that falls under personal preference, there’s nothing wrong with that.
The official definition of an in-law suite is that it’s an area with a shared common living space in an attached building, though the in-law suite will have its own bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Sitting space and extra storage space is common also. Common areas like family rooms and laundry rooms are then shared. Below are several farmhouse floor plans that boast such spaces.
1. Blue and White Farmhouse by
This home comes with a full apartment space on the second floor. It’s kept separated from the rest of the house by some roof space. It has its own access via a private stairway and rear entry. It even has a living area, dining area, bathroom, mini-kitchen and walk-in closet. It’s perfect for people who want privacy and people who want to help family members feel like they’re on their own, without being totally alone.
2. Red and Brick Farmhouse by
The space labeled as a guest room (it could be used as an in-law suite) has the second story all to itself. It sits above the garage, and leads down into the laundry area and kitchen. It has its own bathroom.
3. White Brick Farmhouse by
This home has a space that could easily be used as an in-law suite on the second floor. The bedroom off to the left leads into storage space and has its own bathroom. It also has another door accessing an upstairs sitting area that residents could share with others.
4. Six-Bedroom Farmhouse by
As the title says, this home has a whopping six bedrooms. One is a guest suite on the main level with access to its own private bathroom, so it would work well as an in-law suite for people who like to be more connected. It opens right into a common great room area.
5. Elegant Stonework Farmhouse by Dream Home Source
In this floor plan, bedroom four opens into its own storage area, dressing room and bathroom, making it a great space for an in-law suite. It also opens right into a balcony and sits across from a large game room.
6. One-Story Farmhouse by Dream Home Source
The fact that everything’s on one level in this farmhouse makes it great for people who have older family members living with them. The guest suite opens into its own bathroom area. But its own private deck is what makes this space so special.
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