See how a couple transformed their quaint green farmhouse one room at a time

Photographer and newlywed Ramsey Wheeler has taken to sharing her farmhouse happenings on Instagram under the name The Little Green Farmhouse. A lawyer by trade, Ramsey may have missed her calling as a DIY enthusiast and rustic maven. She routinely scouts sites like Craigslist when on the hunt for that perfect piece of furniture to add to her collection.
And with a little effort, some sanding and possibly paint, she transforms these items to complement her home and style. A recent addition is a white cabinet with a butcher block countertop. Ramsey cleaned it up and added open shelving in the space above to create a place to display her collection of jadeite.
Her enthusiasm is obvious. She can't help but post pictures of this pretty vignette, and her Instagram followers seem to agree with her, as these are some of her most popular posts. As Ramsey's confidence and farmhouse inspiration continues to grow, it's likely that we will see many projects in the future — and possibly a blog as well.
Crisp white trim and a vibrant red door easily draw the eye to the home's entrance and its adorable front porch.
A couple coats of white paint add new life to the kitchen's wood cabinets.
Ramsey's collection of jadeite finally gets a chance to shine with the addition of a set of open shelves.
The simple dining room features walls clad with shiplap and a handmade table and benches constructed by Ramsey's handy husband.
A collection of vintage transferware creates a semicircular display around a secondhand landscape painting in the dining room.
Builder-grade closet doors are quickly transformed with a little DIY know-how and dark wood stain.
Instead of a traditional night table, Ramsey stacked a selection of trunks and wooden boxes to create a space for a lamp and decor.
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