Peek inside these 6 farmhouses that are perfect for aging families

Farmhouses tend to be sprawling structures with bedrooms and other living areas on a second floor. But with many homeowners aging and experiencing increasingly limited mobility, floor plans that apply the Universal Design principles are appealing. Universal Design means taking into account limited mobility in a home’s design.
One of the key principles of Universal Design is to keep all living spaces at one level so that stairs don’t become a source of obstruction. So with that in mind, below are eight farmhouse floor plans designed with just one story for the main living space.
1. Wide Porch Farmhouse by
This home keeps the farmhouse look alive with its wide porch space. In just one level, it still makes room for three bedrooms and two bathrooms, including a spacious master bedroom. This home also has optional bonus space on a top level.
2. Larger One-Story Farmhouse by
This home has a spacious 2,255 square feet (209.5 square meters) and makes room for four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms all on one level. There’s even a master bedroom with a connected master bathroom. Other features include a covered porch, a patio, a breakfast nook and a large great room. There is also an unfinished bonus room on the second story, though all the main living areas are on the first.
3. Tiled Farmhouse by Green Living
This floor plan keeps a subtle farmhouse look alive with its steep roof. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Every single feature is contained on the first floor in this plan.
4. Tiny Farmhouse by Richardson Architects
This little home sits at 150 square feet (13.9 square meters). The version shown here is styled as a shower house, but it can be customized into an in-law unit to add a kitchen/living space that opens to the porch and a sleeping area in the back. It’s good for an individual or couple who wants to downscale in a big way.
5. Grey Farmhouse by Donald A. Gardner Architects
This farmhouse with classic embellishments like archways and ornamented woodwork keeps all its major amenities on one floor, including a hearth room. It does have an optional bonus room on a second floor, however. This home has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.
6. Red Farmhouse by Atlanta Plan Source
The quaint red farmhouse above with three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms comes with a screened porch, a deck, a country kitchen, a library and a large family room all on the first level. There is an optional bonus upper level, however, with extra bedrooms and a computer center.
7. Brick and Siding Farmhouse by Dream Home Source
Here’s a floor plan that packs tons of living space onto one story, from the master bedroom to a couple bedrooms surrounding the great room. The great room looks out onto a covered porch area, great for getting a view of the yard. This home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
8. Classic White Farmhouse by Donald A. Gardner Architects
This cute one-story home is perfect for people who like to spend time outside, with the deck, screened porch and patio space. The home contains three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. An optional bonus room sits on the second floor.
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