Experience craftsman artistry firsthand in this charming Airbnb rental

As we walk through some of the finest Nashville, TN suburbs, we will encounter an Airbnb rental that is bound to impress. Not because of a hint of quirkiness, like one might expect, but for carrying a great deal of craftsman beauty.
You see, in 2002 Angela decided her house, originally built in the 1930s, could use a few embellishments. Recruiting a team of artisan builders, she set out to renovate her home in a way that maintains its best classical features and enhances it with a personal touch that could only come about in the 21st Century.
The project was completed two years later. Now, Angela is sharing her lovely abode with Nashville's temporary settlers.
And even we can get in on the action too! Come along to see it firsthand.
Along with a welcoming porch, this Airbnb rental also has its own private deck area out the back.
This two-story craftsman's renovation was very hands-on. The poplar wood used for the house's trim was milled right in Angela's backyard, and old materials were re-purposed in different parts of the interiors.
A home needs to reflect its owners' personality, and Angela made sure hers aptly illustrated her artistic affinity.
In fact, every single aspect of this house has a story to tell. The refurbished craftsman had been lived in and loved for more than a decade prior to being listed as a temporary rental, and more than 100 unique pieces of decor and furnishings work harmoniously in amplifying its charming demeanor.
It takes a frequent Airbnb renter to know one. Angela emphasizes in her listing that she can be reached if needed but, other than that, guests can expect to enjoy this craftsman home with as much privacy as one gets in their own dwelling.
Every angle shows us a new perspective to each room. Like the finest art museums, you need to revisit again and again in order to truly understand and appreciate everything that's within your surroundings.
Stained glass windows were added to the home 10 years ago. You can see a few of them in the dining area, though Angela claims the house has 30 of these all up.
Guests are more than welcome to play the Kawaii piano, as long as they treat it with the love and care that it deserves.
Remember what we said about reusing old materials? All the kitchen cabinets were handcrafted using reclaimed oak wood from the living room's old floorboards.
Not only is this kitchen complete, but Angela also says she will gladly lend her guests additional utensils if needed.
The house has two bedrooms, one of which comes with a futon for a bit more comfort.
Keeping with the custom craftsman theme, each bedroom's bed quilts were made by Angela's sister-in-law.
There are two bathrooms in this home, each with a distinct personality. This one, for instance, appeals to the bohemian side of life.
While the other celebrates rustic steampunk details.
Classic craftsman homes are wonderful on their own, but a modern artisan touch can make these even more remarkable. Such is the case with Angela's custom Airbnb rental, which is a lovely treasure that is just begging to be discovered.

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