Take a stroll through this farmhouse that has a tree stump in the living room

One of the interesting elements of farmhouse design is seeing how each person and family interprets it when it comes to decorating and designing their home. While Leanne Bailey, of the Instagram account of the same name, is adopted many of the classic farmhouse design principles seen in other homes of the same style, there are a few aspects that make this home uniquely hers.
The first thing you may notice about the home is its choice of flooring. At first glance, it appears to be basic plywood, but as you take a closer look, you can see that it is hardwood planks with a plywood design. This material choice gives the home a certain unfinished quality that is unusual and unexpected.
Leanne's incorporation of color is another refreshing adaptation of classic farmhouse design. The use of color is sure to be a favorite with the kids as it is often seen in areas where they play. And while moms know that things are bound to get out of control at times, it's great to see children's play areas integrated into the main living areas of the home.
The bright white kitchen features butcher block countertops, a large stainless steel sink and those funky hardwood floors.
The roomy dining area is large enough to accommodate a worn farmhouse table centered in front of patio doors.
A tree stump with casters attached on the bottom creates an unexpected, and fun, moveable side table.
This cozy play area is perfectly organized to accommodate a multitude of toys, as well as lots of color.
This children's room takes a modern turn with vibrant geometric patterns and sparse decor. The wall decor painting and poster are all easy to make at home.
A wall of reclaimed wood creates depth and interest in the tiny powder room.
This farmhouse is a sure to be a favorite if you love airy spaces and minimal decor. If you know of someone else you might like it too then share it with them on Facebook.
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