Walk in and see how a young family has built the Iowa farmhouse of their dreams

While it isn't always possible, having professional photos taken of a home is the best way to make it shine. So how perfect is it to have a home designer and photographer all wrapped up in one? For Nina and Cecilia, twin sisters and creators of the Instagram account NC_HomeDesign, this is the world they live in. While they have retired from professional photography to focus on raising their growing families, they still take the time to capture views of their stunning residences with a few lovely family pictures sprinkled in.
The photos below are of Nina's palatial new home in West Des Moines, Iowa, complete with a towering fireplace, catwalk and impressive chef's kitchen. As you scroll through the many images of this newly built residence, it's hard to believe that it isn't one of those magazine show homes or on an episode of "Fixer Upper." And speaking of "Fixer Upper," Nina is a huge fan of the show. This appreciation for the design aesthetic of host Joanna Gaines is evident in Nina's new abode.
Much of the home is bathed in a light, neutral color palette complete with accents of wood, brick and metal. Rustic hardwood floors take you from room to room, while unique metal-and-glass chandeliers light the way. There is no doubt; this home is sure to make you a follower.
The custom kitchen is centered around a large wood-and-stone island that can seat up to six people.
Whitewashed wicker chairs sit at the head and foot of this industrial dining table, creating texture and interest.
An impressive window wall is broken up by a two-story stone fireplace complete with a rustic wood mantle.
The master bedroom features lofty ceilings clad with shiplap, as well as patio doors that lead to a deck outside.
A slab of rustic wood provides cozy spot for the littles to do their homework once they get home from school.
The home's half-bath features a whitewashed brick wall and lighting fixture that was once installed in a barn.
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