Step into this red-roofed farmhouse and see its classic Americana interior

Musician Kevin Fowler's home deep in the heart of Texas has been touted online as "quite possibly the most charming farmhouse in Texas." And at a glimpse, the white house with the red roof and the large dormer-style second story projection — not to mention the wraparound porch — shows a house with great lines that was given a very healthy refurbishment, leading to Mr. Fowler's Facebook photoscape.
Online, Fowler says, "I've had a lot of people asking to see pics of my 1905 farmhouse now that it's all done and decorated. It's been 16 months of hard work but we got 'er finished!! LOVE my house!! Thanks to Kathy Vermillion, aka Chicken Lady for all of her decoration help!!"
Mr. Fowler is certainly a two-exclamation-mark kind of guy, and he's channeled that enthusiasm into the decorative touches throughout this house. The focus on old-time Texas is a treat to see. Let's get into the photo tour right away.
This is the view from the porch, complete with two grain silos. You can see the porch is large enough to hold a crowd.
Once you step in the front door, you begin to see the antique styling and the uncrowded look of the place. Against the wall under the mirror is an old-time radio, one that could have been purchased for the home when it was new, given the house dates back to 1905, and commercial radio came around after that.
Here's a reverse view of the same hallway, looking through the glass-paned front door at those grain silos. The oval window not only is practical but also gives the home a Victorian-era touch.
If your home is large enough (as this one is), you can have what is called a sitting room. Notice the wooden crate coffee table and the toy horse bicycle in the back corner.
The kitchen is often the place where restoration projects lose their way. We're pretty spoiled by modern appliances, and it's hard to make a microwave oven look like it's part of a 1905 farmhouse decor. This kitchen includes enough retro touches to keep from looking too modern.
This guest bedroom features a comfy bed you want to bounce into. The wall color is close, but not identical, to the flat white ceiling paint. The ceiling lamp and the painting on the left give this room an antique look.
This bathroom style is in tune with the rest of the home. The restoration project did not include slapping new layers of paint onto antique furniture — among the many good decisions made along the way.
Windows galore, a great white hutch against the opposite wall and a wall phone that predates private phone calls. (In them old days, everyone was on a party line.)
The metal-framed child's bed is quite the find. Again, from the side table to the paneled ceiling, Fowler resisted the urge to repaint antiques to make them appear new.
If it's a covered wagon, you might be in Texas. This wagon is just one of several old-time artifacts featured throughout the property.

Numerous windows throughout the home fill the interior with plenty of natural light, even in the bedrooms. Check it out.
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