Check out the wood detailing of a farmhouse filled with New England charm

Like so many, we dream of that perfect farm life with endless views of pasture and wood but hope that our modern expectations can still be met (and that's more than just indoor plumbing!). Not only does this three-acre colonial farmhouse have a custom kitchen with enough room for entertaining a full house, it also promises the best of what we hope rural farm life can hold. It's what real estate agent Nancy Jenkins calls, "Quintessential Vermont!"
When lumber is first cut and sanded, it gives off a flaxen, very light glow. To preserve this look of fresh-hewn wood, custom cabinets are finished in a natural, almost almond finish. To contrast this look with color, while retaining a farmhouse theme, natural soapstone countertops in muted black surround the space.
A built-in table nook adds additional storage plus plenty of room for a dining experience to include the whole family, and a few guests, in a cozy, intimate space. Outside, the woodland landscape offers a soothing backdrop.
Warmth from a real wood-burning stove heats the area and lends a timeless style to the charm of this rustic kitchen.
Reminiscent of a barn's interior, the open-beam ceiling of the dining room reminds formal parties that country living never forgets itself, even when surrounded by New England furnishings like the federalist chairs and the antique sideboard. Guests can relax amid the natural surroundings of exposed beams, farm views and the heirloom grandmother clock, still keeping time for a new generation.
A side room, open to a long view of the farmhouse, offers readers a quiet haven for a good book or silent observation of the world just outside the double French doors.
Generous use of windows throughout this farmhouse was the necessary response to a countryside that delights from every angle. Even the mudroom does not lack for views!
Upstairs, a sleepy blue quiets the walls in this master retreat, built to showcase the woodlands that surround the farm.
Playful colors of bubblegum, mint and orchid brighten a young girl's room, which holds enough space for lounging, working and dressing up.
Both brick and beams are exposed in the open stairway, brightened with a wide shaft of light from a strategically placed window.
An open-air front porch is wide enough to accommodate a dining table and folding chairs. Catch the morning sunrise with a coffee and muffin, or settle in for a long evening meal, shared with loved ones in the whisper of twilight.

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