See how the elegant porch of this 1920s Craftsman pales in comparison with its bright dining room

Today our craftsman pursuits are taking us to Decatur, Georgia. This is where you will find a charming four-bedroom bungalow that sparkles in the brightest of days.
Originally built in the 1920s, this home has been well-preserved along the years and brings us plenty to admire and cherish. A quick peek is all one needs to become engrossed by its delightful aura.
A leafy suburb welcomes us along to the home's elegant entrance. If you want to enjoy a private retreat that enhances the fresh-air tranquility, the bungalow comes with a private backyard area.
As we make our way toward the wooden steps, we are invited to relax in a wholesome porch.
There are plenty of chairs to curl up into - and you can even enjoy the soothing breeze of a ceiling fan in the summery days.
As you enter the craftsman, you are instantly greeted by sophisticated fittings. That lighting fixture is quite remarkable, don't you think?
Our eyes just naturally gravitate towards the small table at the center, with other elements in the living room naturally orbiting it in their own special way.
The classic dining room table is similarly composed, even if it's bigger than our living area counterpart. Consistency is key in all of this room's components, with white hues and wooden textures flawlessly coming together.
An arched door takes us to a modern kitchen, where its polished appliances and flooring enrich the culinary experience.
The family room plays a joyful symphony with a classical piano and fireplace on show.
Along with its refreshing decor, this room comes with full access to the home's outer deck.
Each bedroom welcomes us in style. You would have seen this one just as we came into the bungalow. Soft color palettes and minimalist decor are used to make your stay as comfortable as it can be.
The second bedroom isn't exposed to as much natural lighting, but it sparkles with its pearly walls and and quintessential lamps.
The last bedroom has a smaller bed than the rest, but comfort is enhanced through exclusive access to some of the best views of the house.
This bungalow shows that gray hues are not a sign of gloomy things to come. If anything, these can be used to compose a graceful family home with glistening elements all-round.

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