Step inside a gorgeous farmhouse with a sunroom outdone only by the basement lounge

Located in Muskingum County, Ohio, this farmhouse from RTA Studio Residential Architects is a true work of creativity and design. It’s easy to picture a family enjoying this home on busy school mornings or lazy Sunday afternoons, but it also seems custom-made for thrilling any guest who steps inside.
The front porch of the home is highlighted by the stunning porch that runs the width of the house. With white pillars accenting the light brown bricks, the home looks like a classic yet comfortable place to spend a sunny morning drinking coffee or a pleasant evening relaxing with a glass of wine. The exterior looks fantastic, but it’s what’s inside the makes this remodeled farmhouse truly amazing...
How many homeowners can brag about an interior stone arch? The people enjoying this house certainly can. The stone wall stands out as a throwback to the home’s history and heritage, while modern features like the elegant lighting hint at the home’s modern amenities.
If country living is all about open spaces, then the kitchen is sure to delight. With a large kitchen island that holds the stovetop burners and another that acts as an eating space, the kitchen looks like a gorgeous place to both eat with family or enjoy the company of friends.
Farmhouses don’t need to be entirely brown, white, and gray. Sometimes a splash of color is just what a home needs, and that color is found in this farmhouse’s office, where the pink shelving and cabinet space lend a vibrant character to the entire room. The designer enhanced the liveliness of the room with throw pillows, chairs, and a rug that continue the bright pink theme.
The bedroom is simply stunning, but the star of the show is the fireplace. As the room’s centerpiece, the elegant gray fireplace has openings on both sides so it can be enjoyed from either direction.
The basement lounge and bar areas is one of the most impressive sights you’ll find in a home. The deep rich wood, the stone walls, the plush leather chairs; they all come together to create a space that seems like a perfect mesh of an old-world pub, a remote hunting lodge, and a refined country club.
If you escape the comfort of the basement lounge, you’ll likely want to visit the sunroom, which, like the home office, has a bit of color to breakup the home’s wood-and-stone character. The green walls, blue throw pillows, and large white windows make this the brightest room in the home.
This transformed farmhouse perfectly combines modern living with classic charm. From the basement lounge to the vibrant sunroom, this is a home tailor-made for comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment.