This refurbished 1920s Craftsman's kitchen will add a sparkle to your visit

Allow us to introduce you to Olive, the self-proclaimed Handsome Craftsman Home. This recently renovated Airbnb rental has plenty to boast about: According to its listing, the dreamy Californian house received the Pasadena Golden Arrow Award in 2012.
Want to see what else makes this home so special? Then join us for a quick peek around this 2-bedroom Pasadena beauty. ​
Its exteriors may be darker than what we're used to, but there's nothing gloomy about this 1920s Craftsman home. Olive has been given a full makeover from the inside and out, making her sparkle like a rare jewel.
A quick glance at the graceful porch foreshadows the beauty that awaits us inside. With a lovely bench and refreshing wreath on show, a timeless sense of cheerfulness is emitted right from the very beginning.
Olive's interiors are jovial and friendly. Yellow lined walls and smooth wooden flooring beam at us as we venture inside.
If you feel like a chirpy little nap, the modern sofa can adapt to suit your nesting necessities.
You don't need many details to embellish a dining room. Here, simple adornments like a tiny plant pot and a delicate napkin holder make this area stand out.
The kitchen is a treasure trove of whiteware appliances and cabinetry.
For an additional gloss to this room, marble-colored counter tops and tiled flooring are part of this sleek composition.
One of the bedrooms is fitted with a twin bed that nicely accommodates the singleton traveler. From this angle, one would be inclined to think there isn't much to this room...
...but a closer look shows us there's always more than meets the eye. Along with a nifty fold-out desk, this room invites all guests to feel at ease with lighthearted wall art and easy access to the outdoors.
The cozy bathroom fits all essentials in a highly efficient fashion: the bath and toilet are coyly tucked away right next to the contemporary vanity.
The master bedroom is an orb of classic fittings, from its matching lamps to its humble artistic renditions.
As we head out for the day, we get to experience a lush patio with plenty of outdoor seating. The area is neatly fenced in to bring a bit of privacy to our backyard reveries.
This cozy abode definitely earned her title as a Handsome Craftsman Home. Olive is ready to impress with her cheery interiors and serene outer fittings, and we imagine anyone who visits her in Pasadena is bound to feel right at home.

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