Be taken aback by the flawless interior of a seemingly modest farmhouse

The Barrington Farm House from Brewster Thornton Group Architects, LLP is a luxurious yet simplified farmhouse that holds everything from classic touches to modern features. From afar, the home might look like a plain farmhouse. As you get closer, you’ll notice the finely-kept landscaping, relaxing backyard patio, and large front porch, a must-have for any country home.
While the exterior is elegant and modest, inside is where this home truly shines. The interior is highlighted by a stunning master bathroom, but two features in particular set this home apart. The first is a stone fireplace made from a single slab, and the second is the gorgeous mahogany and baluster handrail. With these two surprises, the farmhouse holds tight to its timeless character.
The exterior home is so simplified that it seems like the designers intentionally tried to hide the interior’s more opulent style. This is not a knock against the home, as the landscaping and front porch give it a welcoming appeal.
The hanging lights over the island and white cabinets give the kitchen a clear, flawless character.
The master bath is a true work of art. With richly-stained wood cabinets and vanity frame, a slipper tub, and a walk-in tile shower, this a room of dignified luxury.
Imagine yourself sitting in this rocking chair. You let the fire warm your legs while sipping a hot toddy as a chilly New England winter day blows outside. Enough said?
If the fireplace has competition for centerpiece of the Barrington Farm House, it’s the stair’s railing. According to the Houzz profile, this handrail was created to match the original design, but has been updated to meet modern building codes.
After you make your way through the home, you’re going to want to stop by the backyard patio. Tucked just beside the farmhouse, this patio looks like the perfect place for summer barbecues and late-night conversation.
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