See all the unique touches inside a gorgeous 1950s Craftsman with a great living room

This 1950's style home evokes memories of days gone by with the classic columned porch and high roof. The meticulous landscaping creates and environment where the stunning craftsmanship of the house becomes the focal point of the property.
This house started out as a small 1,200 square-foot ranch. An addition and a remodel later, this home now boasts more than 3,000 square feet, according to Tongue and Groove.
While this property itself feels retro, when you walk into the home the decor and design is a blend of modern and traditional. The decorative lighting in the kitchen feels a bit industrial, especially next to the traditional wood island.
The stunning barn doors are both functional and decorative. The living space can be closed when guests come over to visit, or opened to provide better flow and more breathing room. A charming loft space is easily accessible via ladder.
Hardwood floors flow through the entire home. The high, architectural ceilings make the room feel larger and add a neat decorative touch. A cozy seating area by the window is a great place to sit down with a book or it can function as a mini mudroom.
The open concept of the home makes it easy for family and friends to chat while in separate rooms. Light paint colors and open windows are a great way to create a bigger space.
The master bath includes a beautiful soaker tub and shower with custom built-in shelving for storage. The bathroom feels modern but still feels natural to the home.
A second bathroom features tile and a pedestal sink for functionality. The decor offers a peek bank in time. The large window makes the cozy room feel a bit larger.
The designers were creative with their use of space, tucking a stackable washer and dryer in the corner of the kitchen. Dual purpose counters can be used to fold laundry or wash dishes. The custom hanging rack is the perfect place to dry gentler clothing items without making a mess.
This home, inspired by the popular craftsman style, combines modern touches with old-school functionality. Touches of patterns associated with 50s designs help feature the character of the original property.
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