Check out the beautiful renovation of an 1890s Victorian into a farmhouse for a family of 6

If you are an HGTV enthusiast, it is likely that you have come across a show featuring the home renovation and interior designing magic of Chip and Joanna Gaines. On Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna invest their talents in reviving worn-out houses in their hometown of Waco, Texas. So, it was only natural that they would choose a dilapidated structure when it came time to renovate a home for their family of 6.
The 189o's Victorian was not without charm but was desperate for someone to honor it's character and architecture in the rebuilding process.
The Gaines' began by tearing down walls to open up the floor plan into something more modern and conducive to family life. They also renovated the attic space to enhance the home's total square footage to an impressive 3600 square feet; plenty of room for four growing children to play. The interior was outfitted in a color scheme common to Joanna's remodels: white, wood and metal tones. In addition, shiplap was applied to many of the walls and ceilings to create that homegrown farmhouse feel. The children also benefit from an additional bedroom with built-in bunk beds that provide the opportunity for weekly, if not nightly, sleepovers. There is no doubt that Chip and Joanna know what it takes to make a house a home, with plenty of character to spare.
The main floor features an open-concept space that encompasses the living, dining and kitchen.
Horizontal elements like floating wood shelves, and shiplap add a modern touch this classic farmhouse kitchen.
Refinished hardwood floors provide a foundation of warm, natural tones to the white walls of the living room.
The entrance floor is made of Chicago brick that has been installed in a herringbone pattern.
The spacious master bedroom has four large windows that make this an light and airy space.
A fireplace adds warmth and creates an additional focal point in the master bedroom.
Returning to the main floor, this adorable girls' room is outfitted with antique bed frames and a vintage doll house.
One of the favorite rooms of the home is this first-floor bedroom with a bed for each of the Gaines' children.
Even the attic was renovated to provide additional space to play and relax.
The shiplap theme continues into the attic as it is applied to the walls and ceiling.
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