Step inside a stately farmhouse where every room is a picture of sophistication and luxury

When the team at Cummings Architects began working on the Lynnfield Farmhouse, they had their work cut out for them. The house was a mess of various design themes that, while well-intentioned, made the home "incoherent." With thorough preparation and amazing execution, this home is now a work of art, both inside and out.
The interior is defined by natural materials, including wood appointments and stonework. Two features stand out as particularly unique and impressive. The stone chimney adds old-world style; one can only imagine the smokey smell rolling through the home. The wood ceiling further enhances the classic style while giving the home a sense of long-lasting quality.
With a stately lawn and high-quality landscaping, the outside of this home hints at the luxury and sophistication that waits inside.
While the large porch around the front is an attractive feature for the exterior, the stone fireplace is the real star. With the stone hearth, comfortable furniture and tasteful decorations, the exterior is a great place for relaxing away an evening.
The kitchen is a true wonder of design. From the pillars supporting the island bar to the imposing wood beams highlighting the ceiling, this is a kitchen that provides space, convenience and elegance.
Bright and spacious, the bedroom is stylish and comfortable. The deep, dark wood floors perfectly complement the wood beams running below the vaulted ceiling, giving the room a sense of depth and character.
From the tub to the walk-in shower, this bathroom has everything you could desire. The rustic wood doors are excellent for the farmhouse style of this home.
The ornate furniture in the living room looks amazingly comfortable, but the stone hearth is clearly the focal point of the room, if not the entire farmhouse!
Sometimes the small details make the home. Take a look at this closeup of the railing base and you’ll see one example of the fine craftsmanship that awaits anyone who visits this farmhouse.
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