Peek inside a recently restored 1906 true architectural masterpiece with a dreamy kitchen

Located in Pasadena's "Millionaire's Row" district, the W.T. Bolton house was built in 1906 by renowned architects Charles and Henry Greene. The home has been modified over the years, but it's still a beautiful example of classic Craftsman architecture.
The home was recently renovated and restore by architect Tim Andersen, who made an effort to replicate the home's original designs wherever possible. All the designs were based on existing G&G precedents, and the results are beautiful!
This photo was taken before 1918, and you can see how the additions over the years have impacted the design. The house has been enlarged quite a bit; today, it is six feet longer on the right and nine feet longer on the left.
The entry hall was restored, but the staircase is original to the home. The front door is an impressive 58" wide, and the stained glass in the windows was designed and installed by the Greene brothers.
Here we have the kitchen, which has plenty of cupboard and cabinet space despite its narrow size. The redwood cabinets are new, but they were designed based on the kitchen cabinets in the well-known David B. Gamble House. The charming windows at the far end of the room overlook the backyard.
The large formal dining room takes advantage of the tall windows in the south-facing alcove, which flood the room with natural light. The original paneling and trim in the dining room were done in mahogany, and the posts, benches, and paneling in the alcove were later additions to the home. Make sure to take note of the beautiful light fixture over the table!
The living room is cozy and inviting, thanks to a warm color scheme and plenty of natural wood. The box beam ceiling is especially lovely! This room was restored according to an old photo of the home, and all of the woodwork was done by a master craftsman named Glen Stuart.
Up close, you can really appreciate the intricate beauty of the fireplace. You might recognize the trailing vine motif from the front door. The header was installed during the renovation, but it was designed to have the aged look of an old penny. It complements the warm orange tiles perfectly!
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