Explore an expansive 1700s farmhouse perfect for quiet nights or country weddings

If you’re in the New England region, you can enjoy this large farmhouse and spacious property. Located near Clarksburg, Massachusetts, this expansive home has seven rooms and provides lodgings for up to 15 people. With 43 acres of pristine Northeast farm country and gently sloping mountains surrounding this comfortable home, the place has lots to explore and plenty of interesting surprises. According to the owner, it’s even available for weddings; we can only imagine the fun at their country receptions!
The home is built and furnished to provide a wide range of space while giving guests plenty of amenities. While the farmhouse was built in the 1700s, it has a modern grace that is stylish and elegant. The farmhouse is certainly impressive, but it’s the surrounding countryside that makes the property a true gem.
From the outside, you can tell that this home has lots of space and accommodations. The large porch and white paint give the home a classic appearance.
The front porch is like a massive welcome mat for the entire home. With comfy furniture and rustic styles, the porch seems perfectly matched to the surrounding environment.
When the dining room is fully prepared for a meal, it looks like a wonderful place for laughter and conversation with loved ones.
The home has many bedrooms, including the Lavender Room, seen above. With cool whites and blue decor, this room makes for a relaxing night.
The Rose Room has an adjoining sitting room with a view of the mountains surrounding the home.
When guests need a place to relax or play games, they can retreat to the living room. With comfortable and tasteful furniture, the living room is likely a favorite place for informal gatherings.
The back porch is just as comfortable and pleasant as the rest of the home. Featuring wicker rocking chairs and simple furniture, the back porch may be a guest's favorite place.
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The home is certainly gorgeous, but with a view like this, you might entirely forget to look at the house!
One of the unique attractions of this home is the horseshoe pit, a popular place for evening fun and friendly competition.​
When lit up and decorated, this elegant farmhouse becomes the perfect place for an intimate country wedding.
What do you think of this country home? Could you imagine having a wedding here? Share it with your friends, and tell us what you think!
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