This 1910 Craftsman's 3 bedrooms will delight you with their elegant touches

Just 10 minutes away from Portland's downtown area resides a 3-bedroom Craftsman that's sure to pique your interests. The lovely abode, currently listed on AirBnB, was recently remodeled to give it a bright flick of modernity.
Inside and out, its historic charm seeps in, keeping our visit graceful and refined.
On that note, join us as we explore a 1907 Craftsman with Victorian undertones. This spacious dwelling brings us three stories, and roughly about 1700 square feet (158 square meters), in comfort and luxury.
Along with a porch, this darling house has a private backyard deck with ample seating and a fully covered bar area.
As you can see, you don't need to stray too far inside to be impressed by this home's furnishings.
But we wouldn't be good hosts if we left you lingering by the front door, right? The lush living area is minimalist in decoration, choosing to draw our attention to its remarkable amenities instead.
Same goes with the tidy dining area, where the cabinetry and a fish tank are the stand-out homey additions.
As one expects with a fully refurbished kitchen, elegance radiates through polished wooden cupboards and pristine marble counters.
Don't you just love the practicality of those metal shelves? The fact that they seamlessly match their stainless steel counterparts is pretty neat, too.
In the master bedroom, it's the whimsical cushions that give this cozy corner a touch of modernity.
The second bedroom brings us dexterity with a splash of elegance - 'cause let's face it, you can't go wrong with a pull-out bed that has its own set of built-in drawers. This room actually connects to another and has been designed to serve as a flexible workstation as well as being a peaceful sanctuary.
The third bedroom sweetly cradles us to sleep with a queen-size bed doused in serenity.
Our last stop is a compact bathroom packed with interesting additions.
For one, we have a chic vanity that nicely complements the cheery hexagonal patterns on the floors.
While the shower curtain nicely accentuates this area's gleeful vibes.
There's always room for playful touches in an elegant Craftsman home, but the allure in this dwelling lies in its comfortable fittings. As one expects with any AirBnB rental, the detailing in this historic house ensures its hospitable charm prevails right on through.

While this adorable Craftsman home looks cozy and charming from the outside, when you walk through the doors, you may be surprised at how spacious this home actually feels.
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