Tour a classic 1914 Craftsman home with an antique-inspired family room

This 1914 Craftsman truly is one of a kind. You're about to venture into a house that packs a lot of punch in just a single story. In particular, the family room inspires feelings of nostalgia. The pictures below tell it all.
Hailing from a centralized location in Pasadena, California, the five-bed, three-bathroom house below brings us a friendly blend of all things old and new. If you need a bit of convincing, come take a look inside.
First, the porch is gracefully fitted with a fresh set of potted plants and outdoor seating on both sides.
Enter this home to get your first peek of the elegant living area.
If you look closely, you might notice that the flower vase in the corner has been placed on top of an antique radio.
According to Redfin, this house actually has two fireplaces you can cozy up to. How's that for luxurious comfort?
An open-plan design allows you to quickly immerse yourself in this Craftsman's dining room. All the classic furnishings in this area appeal to this house's 20th-century origins.
The kitchen has been fully modernized to include granite counters, a tiled back splash, wet bar and new appliances. That being said, an archway entrance makes this area stay true to tradition.
Before we move ahead, take a look at some of the lovely decor adorning the kitchen's windowsill. Isn't that simply delightful?
Straight ahead, we'll find the family room. Deliberate or not, we like the way the painting's frame matches the antique furniture nearby.
A full view of the area shows us the archway theme prevails in this brightly-lit room.
Now we start getting into the bedrooms. This one receives plenty of natural lighting through its large windows.
This work space is minimalist in decor but rich in classic fittings.
So elegant, right? Antique touches are the standout feature in the master suite.
Each bathroom has its own special touches as well. Don't you just love the tiling pattern along the walls?
A second bathroom brings us lush vanities and a splash of vintage bathroom accessories.
Quite a lot to take in, right? But you can tell that this Craftsman's previous owners wanted to stay true to the home's best design conventions. Updated areas all have their distinct historic touches to them, making this house's personality shine brightly in every room.
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